Our Hawker Story

Instead of hibernating during Covid19 circuit breaker, our team wanted to show gratitude to the Singapore community by helping those who are more vulnerable. We created ‘By Sg For Sg’ (BSFS) – a food delivery platform from scratch. A 100% not-for-profit initiative, BSFS’s aim is to help our favourite hawkers and F&B vendors who have fallen through the cracks during this pandemic. These F&Bs are suffering because cannot access delivery platforms due to high commission structures and a lack of tech saviness. We helped by offering a food ordering and delivery experience as per other similar platforms, but with a different purpose and bigger objective – to help uncles and aunties stay in business, and to put food on the tables of vulnerable Singaporeans.

Featuring zero sign-up costs, pass-thru delivery costs, and a low commission 100% pledged to YMCA’s “Wok The Talk” initiative. With the donation, YMCA will provide actual meals to those most in need in the community.

Please Help feed the needy in the community by feeding yourself through our platform, one meal at a time!



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