Steve is a risk engineer and amusement ride expert with 9 years of specialist sector experience with theme park rides including: design compliance, risk assessment and mitigation, ride inspection, maintenance and operations management.

A qualified Mechanical Engineer, Steve has worked as a professional engineer for Jacobs Engineering as an amusement ride safety consultant worldwide. He is currently a leading Singapore attractions expert because whilst with Jacobs Engineering, he worked closely with the BCA and SCDF to help develop one of the most rigorous licensing scheme in the world - the Amusement Ride Safety Act 2011 (ARSA2011). Steve maintains strong professional relationships with the Singapore authorities and has been instrumental in the development and evaluation of new technologies within the sector.

Steve's personal hobby as a theme park and roller coaster enthusiast takes him all around the world and keeps him abreast of the latest developments in the entertainment and attractions business.

‍‍‍Steve is also available for consultancy for the Amusement Ride Safety Act 2011 (ARSA ‍‍‍2011). You can read a 10-STEP GUIDE TO GETTING YOUR AMUSEMENT RIDE APPROVED FOR USE IN SINGAPORE.

Steve Wood, Safety and Compliance


‍‍‍Handphone:‍‍‍ +65 8618 2287

Whatsapp: +65 8618 2287

LinkedIn: Steve Wood


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